Sunday, January 17, 2016

Do It Yourself Project is Fun!

Salam and hi.

After so many thing happened in my life last semester, paling ingat is umi kembali ke rahmatullah. Me myself still not believe it, tapi sebagai umat islam perlu la redha dan terima segala ketentuan Allah. Paling sedih is, berlaku pada musim exam. Hanya Allah tahu apa dalam hati. On my last paper, im struggling hard as well as my mother fighting for her life. I miss her so much. No word can describe my feeling. But, she will always in my heart.

Later on, i got the ideas nak berseni. As one of the way nak release stress actually. My real intention and berkesan la jugak. So, terfikir la nak buat DIY LIPSTICK.

So, taraaaa! 

That thing in the medicine palet is my DIY LIPSTICK with different colour tones. That palet is design for seven days in a week sequence. So, i can use it according to the day mentioned on the palet. Xperlu pening2 fikir nak pakai lipstick colour ape. Sebab semua kaler kat situ are my favourite colours. There are 3 empty spot more have to be filled. Need to find the other 3 pretty colours that suits me well. How i made it? Just searh on youtube, DIY LIPSTICK and u will find a lot of videos on how to make it. It really fun and tak sia-sia. U can use it in ur daily life and the palet is easy to carry here and there. Owh, saya tak buat yang crayon lipstick tu ya. Nampak mcm, bahaya ja and not save. Kurangkan risiko please. Nak cantik pun kena fikir jugak. Hehe. So, here my review on my DIY LIPSTICK colour!

1. Red
2. Purple
3. Baby pink
4. Coral pink.

Give a try, u will love it!

"A story behind as-sabr and redha."
 Allah Maha Mengetahui.

Alshaqina Nana.

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