Wednesday, July 1, 2015

:: Projek Kad Raya Alshaqina ::

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum.

Teringin nak throwback dulu beli kad raya and pos dekat kawan-kawan. So, this year rasenye nak challege myself nak bagi kad raya dekat diorang. Omaigad!. Nak cari alamat rumah pulak satu hal. Tak apa. Kita pilih cara yang rare sikit untuk wish. Baru happening!

Projek Kad Raya Alshaqina :: Raya Card's Idea and its meaning 

1. Yeay, this card is so cute. Sory, gambar dress sy amik somewhere dkt internet. (only the dress picture okay). is it wrong? . Anyway, my friend yang akan dapat kad raya design ni, she's to me seorang yang complicated but actually she's not. Just, the way of her thinking is different from others. A little bossy but sweet. Sometime, she really annoyed you, but actually she didn't mean to do that. That's why I said before, she has a different way of thinking. Haha. Confident and bright when she's happy and she can be really sensitive. I like the way she talks and the way she dress up. Simple, nice, sweet and comfortable. I love you. Just the way you are! Happy Hari Raya!

2. My second idea of raya card. Yeay! I will give this card to a person that I think she's unique. The way she thinks generally. When I think of her, I always think that I will never get close to her. Cakap terus terang depan-depan kot. Pedih wo! Haha. Her opinion and mine sometime clash teruk. But,she has her own point of stand. Ada pendirian teguh susah nak sway unless kalau point lawan tu logik, masuk akal and ada fact okay. She's stubborn but in a way of nak pertahankan idea dia. Haha. Of course, innerly kita x tahu. Maybe, she fight for a reason.  Love you babe, just the way you are. Happy Hari Raya!

3. Yeay. Third idea for my raya card. Maaf la nampak aurat sikit kad ni. Okay, this one for a friend that has a simple mind. Tak suka berkira, selalu mengalah. She's good, nice. she's so bright! Yes, she has a lot of friends. Look like she talk much, but she's actually a secretive girl. but, she so funny! Generally, this kind of friend is close to myself. Maybe I have the same personality. Little. Anyway, she's the type yang semua orang boleh masuk, sebab she's so simple. annnnnddd, dia kuat berangan. Haha. It's okay, keep dreaming! you are about reaching the destination. I love you, just the way you are. Happy Hari Raya!

4.  Omaigad! Finally the last one. Release. This card is special. No, I mean all cards are special. Kad ni untuk kawan-kawan yang saya rasa she's the angel of life. She has a very good heart. She's pretty with akhlak and made me respect her more and always inspire people to do good. I love you just the way you are!

Conclusion is, Im not being racist with any of my friends. I realized yang semua orang memainkan peranan yang penting dalam kehidupan saya. Yes, sometime they hurts me. Tapi, sebenarnya itulah proses kehidupan kita. Forgive and forget. Give and take sometime we practice win-win situation. Saya minta maaf to all my friends, my bad. Hehe. I really appreciate each of my friend sama ada dia rapat atau tidak. Dalam diri setiap orang ada baik buruk. Kita ikut yang baik, yang buruk tu pandai-pandai fikir. Jangan kita minta orang faham kita, tapi kitalah yang faham kawan-kawan kita dulu. I love you guys, in the name of Allah. Insyaallah.

So, which one of the cards do you think that u'll get it?

1, 2 ,3 ,4 ?

Be yourself. Happy Fasting and Happy Hari Raya!

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