Sunday, June 14, 2015

:: Hanna is on her make up ::


This is limited addition. Hanna is on her make up. She's so pretty. Just rase nak make up dia on that night. I found out that I have little talent and skill in make up things. Aha! Tibe-tibe after make up dia,rasa nak kerja make up part time. Dun worry, only MYR 50 per person. LOL. Kuat berangan. Here Hanna's picture!

She's pretty,pretty,pretty. Hehe.

This simple look only use:

In2it foundation 01 rose, brown eyebrow pencil, maybeline for eye shadow (pinjam roomate), lipstick 15 soft pink from artist, pemerah pipi xde. Hentam je guna eyeshadow Maybeline, eyeliner. Dah. Hehe.

Sekian dari make up artist tak bertauliah.

Ikhlas from, a person who discover a new world. Hehe. 💜

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